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Ready-Mixed Concrete & Sand Products in Goleta, California

Rely on the concrete experts at Mission Ready Mix in Goleta, California, for quality sand and ready-mixed concrete products and services. No matter what size project you are working on, depend on our specialists to put their more than 45 years' experience to work for you.
Durable, Long-Lasting Concrete
Concrete usually lasts as long as most people live, and replacing concrete is a rarity. Many people often ask what the difference is between cement and concrete. Cement is a part of the concrete.
Exposed Aggregates
Exposed aggregates are a mix that some people like for a variety of different projects. It can be used for stores, driveways, and walkways. Patios are often created using the exposed aggregates mix.
High-Strength Concrete & Curbing
High-strength concrete is used for 2-story buildings. Engineers usually call for this when working on a project of large size or scope. Concrete curbing is used for sidewalks and curbs.
Custom Mixing
Custom mixing can be used by customer request or by engineer request for building a home, large building, or sea and retaining walls. Custom mixing can be done on-site.
Pump Mixes
Pump mixes are offered in fiber mesh and wire fiber. There are different ... Read more
Concrete Mixing Truck - Ready-mixed Concrete in Goleta, CA
Delivered On-Site
The concrete is delivered by truck, and then pumped through and poured onto the site. Colors are matched via computer; we have a color chart so we can match almost any color. The lab will make the color for us.
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